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We are a dedicated team of property care experts working throughout the Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset area. Our team have gained a wealth of experience, with many having been with Verminate for many years.

This mix of expertise and local knowledge ensures a quality service for our customers throughout the region, including; Bournemouth, Poole, Weymouth Yeovil, Salisbury, Southampton, Bridport, Shaftesbury, and the many small villages throughout the Southwest.

Areas covered:Map of areas that verminate cover

Including: Bournemouth, Poole, Weymouth, Dorchester, Ferndown, Ringwood, Wimborne, Blandford, Wareham, Swanage & Surrounding areas

Bird pest netting installed at Bournemouth Oceanarium by Verminate Pest ControlExposed roof joist prior to woodworm treatment.

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Verminate property services insurance backed guarantee

Insurance backed guarantees


Remedial damp and woodworm treatments



Experts in:

  • Woodworm treatment
  • Damp Proofing problems, Rising damp
  • Wet or Dry rot treatments
  • Re-pointing brickwork
  • Wood Boring insect treatment
  • Wall-Tie replacement,
  • Cavity wall tie surveys

We can give your house an MOT.

Mortgage & home buyer survey reports

We provide full survey and reports for rising damp, woodworm infestations, wall tie failure & pointing brickwork issues.

Woodworm Treatment Control

How do I know? Free Wood Boring beetle Surveys Reports.
Active woodworm found in the loft timbers, floorboards and garages needs treating promptly.

Have you found wood boring insect in your home and need advice.
The two most common beetles which require woodworm treatment are the common furniture beetle and the death watch beetle.

Our Deathwatch beetle treatment is more specialised and involved inserting a product deep into the wood. This is a serious timber pest and does cause structural failure to roofs if not treated properly. Modern methods and products are safe, like boron with a 30 Year Woodworm Guarantee.

Damp treatments; Damp causes many problems. And finding the cause is the first thing to do. Rising damp and penetrating damp both have to be diagnosed correctly, before the proper treatment can be started. If the cause of the damp is not correctly understood there is little chance of curing it.
Our years of experience can help you. Damp is caused by many things so call an expert and get it right first time.

New damp treatments and barriers are available to prevent moisture and cure your damp problems. 20 Year Damp Proof Guarantee.

Wet and Dry Rot
Dry rot has become far more prevalent in the last 10 years, the lack of ventilation under floors and any damp conditions will initiate a fungal attack which can cause major structural damage.
Wet Rot fungi although not as destructive as dry rot, can still lead to structural damage if not caught in time. Usually starts because timbers are in contact with the sub floor brickwork. Again as all these problems lack of ventilation is the main problem.

Repointing; Pointing around a property can become old and loose. When this happens it just starts to get worse, water then gets into the mortar and brickwork then falls out or (blows) the face of the bricks.

Cavity wall tie replacement: Remedial wall ties services. Cavity walls have included a metal wall tie into its design since the early 1900 century.
Old metal wall ties corrode under the bricks and expand. This causes the bricks to crack. New stainless steel wall ties are used to replace the old rusted fish tail wall ties.

When all wall ties corrode the external wall can bow and collapse. Wall ties are very important in a properties horizontal and vertical strength.

All new stainless steel wall ties fitted with a 20 Year cavity wall guarantee.

woodworm frass from emerging adult common furniture beetle

Woodworm frass from emerging adult common furniture beetle in a property in Bournemouth

Plasterboard and Membrane

Verminate property services providing damp proofing to a house in Weymouth.

Lime repointing in any colour. 22mm of old mortar bed was removed

Lime repointing in any colour. 22mm of old mortar bed was removed


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