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Condensation treatments in Dorset and Wiltshire

The causes of condensation are quite complex. When making an initial dampness diagnosis, there are several distinctive features to look for:

  • Condensation normally occurs only in the coldest months of the year.
  • Trouble starts on the coldest internal surfaces: external wall, particularly corners, single glazed windows, cold water pipes, wall to floor junctions, lintels and window reveals.
  • Damp patches sometimes have definite edges on cold spots such as lintels; patches of damp or mould in exposed corners are crescent shaped.
  • Condensation occurs most often in rooms where large amounts of moisture are produced, such as kitchens and bathrooms and in unheated rooms into which moisture has drifted.
  • It is common in rooms where flue less paraffin or butane heaters or un vented tumble dryers are in use, or clothes are frequently dried.
  • It often concentrates in areas where air movement is restricted, such as behind furniture or inside clothes cupboards on outside walls.

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The main problem of dampness in many homes today is moisture which causes condensation and mould. The modern home can have as much as 80% moisture in the air of a property and 25% - 30% is recommended and advised.

Facts about Humidity and condensation

Humidity is the amount of moisture or water vapour in the air. You your family and your pets produce moisture when you breath or perspire, Even your indoor plants produce moisture. We add water vapour to the indoorair through routine household activities such as cooking, showering, baths, doing the laundry, drying clothes, washing up.

When is Humidity a problem.

We need humidity for our comfort and health. But to much or too little can produce a host of problems for the householder.

Typical humidity to much

  • Condensation on windows
  • Wet stains on walls and ceilings
  • Moldy bathroom
  • Mold spores in the air
  • Damp corners of rooms
  • Behind furniture
  • Clothes
  • Must smells
  • Allergic reactions
  • Damage to the house and contents
  • Ongoing allergies
  • Other health problems

Typical humidity to little

  • Chapped skin and lips
  • Scatchy nose and throat
  • Breathing problems
  • Static and sparks

Some of the problem are no more than nuisances,others could me far more serious. Many are familiar to us all. They often occur during the heating season when our windows are closed and the indoor air circulation and ventilation are reduced.

Taking Action

Humidity can be controlled. If the relative humidity in your home is to high you can reduce it, we recommend installing The Remcon whole home ventilation system this system removes condensation.

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