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House Longhorn Beetle Treatment

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The House Longhorn Beetle, even though found throughout England this beetle is mainly confined to certain districts such as Surrey and Berkshire where it has caused serious damage to structural timbers.

This woodworm beetle is slightly flattened, measures from 10-20mm in length and is brown or black. The head and first body segments are thickly covered with gray hairs except for smooth central line and two black protuberances on either side of the upper surface.

House Longhorn Beetle, woodworm treatments

White spindle-shaped eggs 2mm long are laid in cracks and crevices in the wood. Each female beetle may lay up to 200 eggs and larvae may hatch in about two weeks. After crawling on the wood surface they start boring into the timber. The larva is fleshly bodied white grub and when fully grown may be 32mm long. The duration of the larval stage may vary from 3-11 years. The damage caused in softwood sapwood during this lengthy larval stage may be considerable.

Where would I find the House Longhorn Beetle?

The House Longhorn Beetle can be found in roof timbers where it attacks the sapwood of softwood species which leads to serious structural defects. The holes and tunnels created by the longhorn beetle are visably larger than furniture beetles.

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If you suspect you may have a possible House Longhorn Beetle woodworm infestation please contact Verminate for advice.

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